What resources can I access today?

Our team is continuously developing resources to aid in navigating the development process. If there is something specific you find would be useful but is not currently available, please let us know. We are open to creating materials tailored to your needs.


This three-part webinar series by WSC helps demystify the development process and offers a clearer understanding of what it takes to build a new violence against women (VAW) shelter/transition house or second stage transitional housing. Over three sessions, we cover all stages of the development process, from feasibility to design and development to construction and operations.

Introduction to the Development Process Part 1: Feasibility
You will learn about setting the vision for your project, who to hire on your team, selecting a site, conceptual drawings, and early financial analysis, among other topics. Feasibility is a critical time for you to determine if your project is viable.

Click HERE for a PDF of the slide deck

Introduction to the Development Process Part 2: Design & Development
You will learn about hiring the rest of the design team, acquiring a site, conducting site studies, designing your building, refining financial analysis, securing funding, and planning approvals, among other topics. During Design and Development, you will begin to see what your project is going to look like and how you will pay for it.

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Introduction to the Development Process Part 3: Construction & Operations
You will learn about construction administration activities, schedule and budget monitoring, funding advances, and preparing for operations. You will also learn about resident move-in, funding wrap-up, ongoing property management, and maintenance responsibilities.

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Common Affordable Housing Development Terms and Acronyms
Confused by development jargon and acronyms you haven’t heard before? This document will help demystify the language used in the development sector.

National Capital Funding and Financing Table
Wondering where you can find funding to pay for your project? This document outlines the national programs available to help fund your new second stage transitional housing project.

External: BCSTH’s Women-Centred Housing Design Toolkit & Checklist
Are you considering the design of your new project? The BC Society of Transition Houses (BCSTH) has created a toolkit of ideas for women-centred design guidelines to meet the needs of women and children fleeing violence. This valuable resource is extremely helpful at the beginning of your project, but has insights to consider at any stage.

Ontario: Enbridge Gas Savings by Design Affordable Housing Program
Are you a shelter organization in Ontario, doing new construction, and early in the development process? Consider participating in the Savings by Design Affordable Housing Program by Enbridge Gas to receive free design work to create a high-performing, energy-efficient project, and up to $1,000 per unit in financial incentives.


Template: Development Charge Waiver
Is your municipality or local government charging development fees for your project? You can use this editable template to request them to waive any fees related to development to reduce the costs of your project. Examples of municipalities in urban and rural areas are included.

Template: Terms of Reference for Capital Development Committees
Are you planning to begin a new development project and would like to establish a capital development committee to help with guidance? Every committee needs a “rulebook” or Terms of Reference. You can use this editable template to outline your committee’s purpose, roles, and responsibilities. Further resources on this topic are available at the end of this document.