Women’s Shelters Canada has partnered with the Canadian Women’s Foundation to host the Shockproofing Communities National Summit for the Gender-Based Violence Sector in Ottawa in March 2023, with funding from the Department of Women and Gender Equality (WAGE).

The Summit will bring together women’s and gender justice organizations working to end gender-based violence and create an opportunity for the sector to exchange and catalyze lessons learned during the pandemic, come up with strategies to ‘shockproof’ the sector against future crises, and work toward our shared vision of a world without gender-based violence. The Summit will offer opportunities for practical learning, tool creation, and collaboration with a diverse group of sector workers doing GBV work across the country.

The Summit will take place on March 28 and 29 2023, in Ottawa, and will involve 500 participants from shelters, transition houses, sexual assault centres, resource centres, and other GBV organizations. Women’s Shelters Canada will also host an event specifically for participants from shelters and transition houses on the evening of March 27.

Applications for the Summit are now closed. If you are attending the Summit and have any questions, please email spc-rnc@canadianwomen.org.