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Upcoming WSC Webinars

A Balancing Act: Lowering Barriers While Ensuring Safety
March 11th, 2 to 3pm ET
This session will address a burning question raised by participants in past webinars: how do we reduce barriers while also ensuring the safety of residents (those who use substances and those who don’t), of children in the shelter, and of staff? In this webinar, we will learn different approaches to this balancing act. Kristina Fifield has worked at Bryony House for the past 11 years and completed her MSW in 2020 with a focus on this area. She will discuss incorporating a trauma perspective into harm reduction and share strategies for ensuring staff are safe and supported in a lower barrier environment. Then, we will hear from Tina Schoen, Program Supervisor at Somenos Transition House. She will explain their approach to lower barrier service, which includes focusing on behaviour rather than substance use and working as a team with other community services. Simultaneous translation into French will be available during this webinar. Click here to register.