What impact has the SSTH New Build project made so far?

A map of Canada with location pins indicating shelters that the SSTH New Build project has supported from November 2022 to February 2024.

  • Through knowledge and coaching, we have engaged 30+ shelters nationwide, providing tailored advice and resources.
  • Valued at approximately $1 million, we have provided in-kind project management services over the lifetime of two projects.
  • We are currently helping two shelters create a total of 17 new second stage transitional housing units that will provide 71 beds for women and children.
  • We have supported shelters in 9 out of 13 provinces and territories.


“Well, without [the SSTH New Build project team], [our project] wouldn’t have been feasible at all…I could say it would have remained a pipe dream for us. And I guess what I could say is that through this process as opposed to being a pipe dream, it feels like it’s a tangible, reachable goal.”

– project participant

“[This process] has definitely been a struggle…We had pretty much thrown in the towel when we were introduced to [the SSTH New Build project]. And I can honestly say there is no way we would be where we are right now if we didn’t have this opportunity with Women’s Shelters Canada. [They] are supporting us, answering all my questions, even the really silly ones!”

 – project participant

“[The SSTH New Build project team] provided us with template letters to use both with our local politicians, as well as to write to CMHC. They have helped shed some light on who was successful with the other round of grants to help us understand where we might strengthen our applications. They have helped immensely just by bringing [other shelters that are building second stage housing] together… And just even some helpful hint sheets on recognizing that we don’t all live in this world [of development].”

– project participant