How can I access support from the SSTH New Build project?

If you are a VAW shelter organization interested in creating a new second stage transitional housing project, the WSC team can support you. The SSTH New Build project focuses specifically on creating new second stage transitional housing and does not cover emergency shelters, transition houses, or repairs to existing second stage transitional housing. However, if your project envisions both second stage and emergency spaces, WSC can assist.

Given the high demand for the SSTH New Build project from women’s shelters nationwide, the WSC team may not be able to accommodate every request for services due to capacity limitations. Nevertheless, the team remains available for virtual knowledge and coaching meetings with your shelter organization to discuss next steps and offer advice.

To book a meeting for support with your project, reach out to Kyla Tanner, Development Project Manager, at Our one-on-one knowledge and coaching sessions are tailored to address your specific project needs.

Applications for project management support, including feasibility studies, grant applications, and construction assistance, are currently closed.

For resources related to the development of new second stage transitional housing, explore the available materials.

If your project is in British Columbia or Quebec, additional support is available through the following organizations: