Strengthening Ties was established to engage 100 men in helping to end violence against women.  The vision for this circle of male allies was to address the gender balance of support for women’s shelters and transition houses. Strengthening Ties was a specific invitation to men to become part of the shelter initiative through financial pledge, providing both connection and critical funding to our work to end violence against women.

The 100 men who participated in this campaign made their contributions in honour of their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and sons.

The 100 founding members of Strengthening Ties:

Giovanni Agozzino

Brian Alkerton

Fahd and Arulvizhy Ananta

Alexander and Tereza Bakus

Satraj Bambra

Jordan Banks

Andrew Bradbury

Sam Broadbent

Eric Brock

Steven Brougham

Nick Burka

Simon Burke

Mike Cameron

Barry Campbell

Bob Clark

Brett Code

Michael Cotterill

Howie Crone

Simon Dean

Derek Decloux

Serge Delannoy

Paul Dick

Mark Dowdell

John Drake

Jordan Elliott

Dave Friesema

Mitchell Gillespie

Bob Goldberger

Peter Goodwin

Rob Groulx

Arnie Guha

David Hardy

Paul Harrietha

Jonathan Hartman

Jonathan Hera

David Hillock

Christopher Holz

David Howcroft

Talib Hussain

Ray Jones

Aaron Kotick

Daniel Langer

Nicholas LeBlanc

Alan Levine

Leo Liao

James Lochrie

Alex Mazer

Ted Macklin

Mark MacLeod

David Maisey

Josh Matthews

Benjamin McCammon

Bob McGill

Michael Mikelberg

Doug Mizzi

Johnathan Nightingale

Daniel O’Brien

Alex Ocsai

David O’Leary

Dana Peebles

Anthony Phillips

David Price

William Revington

Pete Roch

Stewart Schaefer

Michael Shapiro

Gavin Sharp

James Sheldon

Andrew Sheppard

Kirk Simpson

Phil Soper

Kip Southam

Ray Stasiulis

Matthew Trevisan

Paul van Donkelaar

Matt Varey

Amar Varma

Bill Walker

Sieg Will

Greg Wilson

David Wiseman

Michael Worb

Bill Young

Strengthening Ties Supports: connects abused women to help 24/7

Emergency shelters across Canada

A future where shelters are no longer needed