Check out our new national awareness campaign,
which illustrates how VAW shelters and transition houses
are “More Than” shelter.


Canada’s National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Girls and Gender-Based Violence

Canada's National Action Plan needs to be bold, ambitious, and intersectional.

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Shelter Voices 2020

This special issue of Shelter Voices focuses on how violence against women (VAW) shelters/THs were affected by and have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.


New Report on Second Stage Shelters in Canada

Check out the full report, "Breaking the Cycle of Abuse and Closing the Housing Gap: Second Stage Shelters in Canada"


Comprehensive Profile of VAW and Second Stage Shelters

Check out WSC’s two reports, “More Than a Bed,” which looks at shorter-term VAW shelters, and “Transitioning to a Life Free from Violence,” on longer-term second stage shelters.


About Us

Our mission is to work as a unified voice for systemic change to end violence against women, while providing leadership for collaboration and knowledge exchange among shelters and transition houses across the country. Shelters support women and children fleeing violence. We support the shelters.

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