Online Library of Promising Shelter Practices

Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC) will be launching an online library of promising shelter practices in Fall 2022. The online library will facilitate the sharing and exchange of promising practices within the shelter sector by identifying, collecting, and displaying promising practices developed by shelters across Canada. WSC Associate Member shelters will be able to add their practices to the library, download information to help them replicate or adapt other practices, endorse the practices on the site, and share feedback with each other. This initiative emerged from our members’ desire to connect with each other and develop a co-learning space that captures the depth of their work. Overall, the online library is aimed at strengthening practice, confidence, and innovation within the VAW shelter sector.

Over the next six months, WSC will be taking the following steps to develop the online library:

  • Develop a process for identifying promising practices within the sector
  • Encourage shelters to contribute their promising practices
  • Work with shelters to capture and document the promising practices in a user-friendly fashion
  • Create an accessible, user-friendly online space to host the practices.

WSC will work with an advisory committee made up of Associate Member shelters to ensure this initiative meets the needs of the sector and our Associate Members.

Kindly reach out to Chandra at csaha@endvaw.ca if you have suggestions or questions about this new project.

Stay tuned for more updates!