Women’s Shelters Canada is excited to introduce our new grants program, the Shelter Ready Fund! We are piloting this program and will be distributing grants of $25,000 to successful applicants in the Fall. Due to much more limited funding (as opposed to the federal COVID-19 funding we distributed), not every application through Shelter Ready will be approved.

For this year, we will be prioritizing proposals for programs or ideas that are already in place or that have been unsuccessful in receiving funding. The idea is to make your lives easier and not have to invent a new, “innovative” project when you’re already doing lifesaving work!

Apply to the Shelter Ready Fund if: 

  • You have a proposal ready that was turned down (cut/paste pieces of it to fit our application) 
  • You already have money for a project and just need a bit more 
  • You have a program that’s been ongoing for years, it’s going well, and $25,000 will help keep it running 

The application period is now closed and will reopen in early 2024.

Invitations were sent to all VAW shelter and transition house organizations across the country. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at grants@endvaw.ca. Read our funding guide for more information