What is the Second Stage Transitional Housing (SSTH) New Build project?

With the support of the Slaight Family Foundation, Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC) launched the Second Stage Transitional Housing (SSTH) New Build project in September 2022. This four-year project aims to support up to 16 second stage transitional housing new build projects across Canada.

Second Stage Transitional Housing (SSTH) is a form of transitional supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence who are at risk of danger post-separation and need additional time and support to heal from their trauma and rebuild their lives. In our 2020 report on second stage transitional housing, we learned that there is not enough of this type of housing in Canada.

With this funding, WSC increased its in-house capacity to offer development services to underserved organizations, especially shelters in rural, remote, and northern communities, that are interested in creating new second stage transitional housing. These services are at no cost to the shelters.

Shelters are often over capacity, lacking time and expertise to create more spaces. WSC fills this gap by offering services to support shelters through the development process.

What kind of support does WSC offer through the SSTH New Build project?

Through the SSTH New Build project, WSC offers knowledge and coaching to shelters interested in creating second stage transitional housing at any time.

The WSC team can support selected shelters with feasibility assessments, assistance with grant applications, and project management services, all at no cost to the shelters. WSC offers flexibility in the support provided, knowing that the needs differ among organizations.

To learn more about accessing our support and services, click here.

Knowledge and Coaching

  • Initial virtual meeting with the shelter to discuss project status and next steps
  • Available throughout the duration of the project to provide further knowledge and coaching

Other Resources

  • Creation of bilingual, readily available resources to assist your project and aid in the navigation of the development process
  • Open to requests for developing resources tailored to specific needs

Project Management Services

  • Assessing project feasibility
  • Conducting ongoing financial analysis (e.g. capital and operational budgets)
  • Assisting with grant applications (e.g. CMHC, FCM, provincial programs)
  • Coordinating the team (e.g. architect, engineers, builder, etc.) to progress the project’s detailed architectural plans in preparation for construction
  • Supporting the shelter organization with the ongoing demands of overseeing a construction project

The SSTH New Build project is funded by the Slaight Family Foundation.