If someone’s life is in danger, always call 911 first (not available in the territories)

We know from previous experience with natural disasters and pandemics that rates of domestic violence can increase during these times. We have also been told by our members that women’s shelters are experiencing dwindling food, cleaning, and hygiene supplies. This is especially true for northern, rural, and remote shelters.

How Can You Help?

  1. Donate to your local women’s shelter. You can find one near you on our website www.sheltersafe.ca, where you can click through to their website and find their donation link.
  2. Donate to a northern, rural, or remote shelter not near you but that needs that extra bit of support during the pandemic.
  3. Some shelters are no longer accepting in-kind donations from individuals due to health and safety, while others are. Check out your local shelter’s social media pages and website to see if they’re posting about goods they need. Try to avoid calling their administrative lines if possible.
  4. Donate to your local food bank. Many shelters access food through food banks.
  5. Check in on your family, friends, and neighbours, virtually or by phone, to see if they need anything.
  6. Share our website, www.sheltersafe.ca, on your own social media channels so we can continue to spread the word that women’s shelters are open. If they are full, or a woman doesn’t want to move into the shelter, workers are still staffing their 24/7 crisis lines and can offer advice and safety planning for free.