August 18 2021

WSC calls on all federal parties to address the alarming levels of gender-based violence in Canada by firmly committing to the development and implementation of a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Gender-Based Violence. We need to build on what has been achieved to date. In June 2021, WSC released a ready-made roadmap for Canada’s 10-year plan that was developed collaboratively with over 40 gender-based violence experts from across the country.

A successful National Action Plan on GBV will require:

  • Independent oversight and evaluation
  • Billions in investment, not millions
  • An all-of-government approach
  • Cooperation and coordination between federal and provincial/territorial governments
  • Voices and experiences of people most affected at the centre, including people living in rural and remote areas, Indigenous people, Black people, people with disabilities, racialized people, non-binary and trans people, LGBTQI2S+ people, and migrant people
  • Systemic solutions for systemic problems
  • 10-year planning horizon

A meaningful National Action Plan will need to:

  • Meet international obligations
  • Harmonize with the NAP on MMIWG
  • Take an inclusive, intersectional feminist, and rights-based approach
  • Ensure accountability through evaluation & independent oversight