Women’s Shelters Canada stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and with all Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour in Canada and around the world.

As a settler organization operating within an inherently racist society, we recognize that it is our responsibility to act as allies and witnesses to the injustices faced by our siblings. We will continue to use our voice, our actions, and our social media presence to call for an end to police brutality and for the dismantling of the current state of policing.

We reject the notion that defunding the police would be detrimental to women and girls fleeing violence. For more information on this, please read this excellent recent article by Melissa Jeltsen.

We also call particular attention to the lives of Black and Indigenous women and girls taken by police violence.

We will continue to speak out on these issues and strive to reflect our beliefs in our work, every day.

Women’s Shelters Canada brings together 14 provincial and territorial shelter organizations and supports the over 550 shelters across the country for women and children fleeing violence. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, you can find your nearest women’s shelter and its crisis line on www.sheltersafe.ca.