This testimony has been edited for clarity

Being at my age of seventy eight, my son is the care giver. We get into conflict because he doesn’t think I am ready for a senior home, but I just have to make that decision myself. The shelter allows me space to think a lot about my decisions and they help a great deal with the comforts they give me here. I have a lady counselling me right now. She is aboriginal. I feel like she understands because we are the same culture. My hope rests in my faith. It gives me strength because I am doing a lot of preaching work with Bible principles to my own people, to aboriginal people. It is going well.

What would you like other women to know, who are thinking about contacting a shelter?

My message to the ladies who have families, is that there is a lot of help you can get here. It also gives them a chance to decide on their well being of their family.