Find multimedia resources that share stories of survivors and work to end violence against women. Videos produced by Women’s Shelters Canada can be found here.


Meet one of the pioneers behind Canada’s first shelter for abused women (09/05/2017) CBC The Current

Could an app help stem domestic violence? (12/17/2013) CBC The Current


Witness: Demystifying the judicial process for victims and witnesses of crime

Telling Amy’s Story (11/12/2010)

Victoria Interesting is Everywhere

TED Talks

Mike Cameron – Redefining Badass: The Way We Think About Strong is Wrong
Dr. Paul van Donkelaar and Karen Mason – Ahead of the Game
Leslie Morgan Steiner – Why Don’t Domestic Violence Victims Leave
Jackson Katz – Violence Against Women – It’s a Men’s Issue
Pamela Taylor – Creating a Safe Space for the Empowerment of Women
Tony Porter – A Call to Men
Kavita Ramdas – Radical Women Embracing Tradition
Whisper Kish – Violence against Native women is not traditional