Find Government of Canada publications relating to abuse, domestic violence, risk assessment, and the economic impacts of violence against women.

Abuse is Wrong Series

Abuse is Wrong in Any Language  Department of Justice, 2012
Child Abuse is Wrong: What can I do?  Department of Justice, 2012
Abuse is Wrong in Any Culture: Inuit  Department of Justice, 2012
Elder Abuse is Wrong  Department of Justice, 2011
Abuse is Wrong  Department of Justice, 2009

Economic Issues

An Estimation of the Economic Impact of Spousal Violence in Canada  Department of Justice, 2009
Breaking the Links Between Poverty and Violence Against Women : A Resource Guide  Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008

Risk Assessment

Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment Tools: A Review  Department of Justice, 2012
Inventory of Spousal Violence Risk Assessment Tools Used in Canada  Department of Justice Canada, 2009


Supporting Victims of Gender-based Violence in the Criminal Justice System Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime, September 2016
Domestic Violence Death Review Committee 2012 Annual Report Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario
The Effects of Family Violence on Children  Royal Canada Mounted Police, 2012
Aboriginal Women and Family Violence  Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008
Transition Houses and Shelters for Abused Women In Canada  Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008
Enhancing Safety: When Domestic Violence Cases are in Multiple Legal Systems Department of Justice Canada, 2013
Issue Brief: Sexual Violence Against Women in Canada Status of Women, 2015
Promising Practices: Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence Prevention Programs in Canadian Schools Status of Women, 2016
Beyond Appearances: Brief on the Main Issues Facing Girls in Canada Status of Women, 2013
The Nature and Extent of Sexual Violence Against Women in Canada Status of Women, 2014
Little Eyes, Little Ears: How Violence Against a Mother Shapes Children as They Grow Public Health Agency, 2007