In October 2010, the Network was selected to lead the development of the Shelter module of the UN Women Global Virtual Knowledge Centre to End violence Against Women and Girls.

This web-based source of information includes evidence based guidance on the planning, design, establishment, operation, monitoring and the evaluation of different shelter/safe space models around the world. The module focuses on ‘distilled’ programming knowledge that is based on what works, derived from evaluations, assessments, studies, expert recommendations, and the collective common experiences of practitioners and networks. It includes what to do (main strategies and programming approaches), how to do it, lessons learned, illustrative examples that have been recognized as promising and effective from different regions of the world and tools to assist in implementation. Compiling sources of information, reviewing the materials available, contacting contributors, such as members of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters and organizing the writing of the module was a unique opportunity and challenge. The full module is available here.