This week for Victims and Survivors of Crime Week (28 May – 3 June 2017), Women’s Shelters Canada is highlighting the diverse services that women’s shelters and transition houses in Canada provide. Shelters and transition houses are much more than refuges from violence – they are places where women rebuild their lives. They are safe transitional homes for women to reconnect with themselves and their children, and plan ways to move forward in a life of safety and security.

Shelter workers provide services to women and children who are often the most marginalized. These women may be experiencing intergenerational trauma, addiction, and/or mental health concerns. They may be newly arrived immigrants or refugees, have difficulty securing housing, or be involved in a child custody case.

To help women become the healthiest, happiest, and safest versions of themselves, women’s shelters offer a variety of services such as 24/7 counselling, children’s programs, parenting classes, mental health and addiction services, legal and housing services, men’s programs, and assistance with applications to educational and apprenticeship programs. Women do not need to stay in the shelter to receive these services; in fact, for every two women receiving support while living in shelter, there are five accessing outreach services.

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