Thank you to the 100 men who stepped forward to join Strengthening Ties – a ground-breaking effort to engage men in funding the work to end violence against women.  Each of these men has financially pledged to support Women’s Shelters Canada for three years.

Thank you to the men who were the first onboard and became ambassadors. Thank you to the 90th man on board who put up a match for the final 10. Thank you to the men who stayed with us the entire way and kept asking until we made it.

Best. Allies. Ever.

With Strengthening Ties, we have become the first national women’s organization to have men as our primary donors. This success was powered by women. Thank you in particular to the fantastic Kathryn Babcock, who conceived of and spearheaded the idea, and her team at Capital W and to Elizabeth Renzetti at the Globe & Mail, whose coverage was a game-changer.

It is but a beginning in engaging men as donors – but what a great start! Thank you to each and every one.