Resources: Immigration, Refugees, and Human Trafficking


Conditional Permanent Residence for Sponspored Spouses: What frontline workers should know Canadian Council for Refugees, 2013 
Conditional Permanent Residence: Towards vulnerability and violence Canadian Council for Refugees, 2012

Government Publications

Abuse is Wrong in Any Language  Department of Justice, 2012

Reports & Studies

Key Refugee and Immigration Issues for Women and Girls Canadian Council for Refugees, 2013 
Violence in the Lives of Muslim Girls and Women in Canada: Symposium Discussion Paper Krista Melanie Riley, Concordia University, 2011
Culturally Driven Violence Against Women: A Growing Problem in Canada’s Immigrant Communities Aruna Papp, Frontier Centre for Public Policy, 2010

Toolkits & Guides

Creating Inclusive Spaces for Women: A Practical Guide for Implementing an Integrated, Anti-Racist, Feminist Service Delivery System   Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses, 2005


Human Trafficking: Canada is Not Immune – Online Training by BC Ministry of Justice
This is a free online training program for Canadian front line service providers on how to recognize, protect and assist a person who may have been trafficked. The online training program provides materials to help service providers and others identify trafficked persons. The course provides information on how to support trafficked persons and appropriate referral services for help and protection. The online training program has four modules and takes approximately 5 – 7 hours to complete. The course can be completed at your own pace. Produced in 2012. Price: Free

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Family Violence Against Immigrant & Refugee Women: Community Development Strategies 
This self-directed training is intended for immigrant service and other community-based organizations that are in a unique capacity to reach vulnerable and/or isolated immigrant women and their communities. It addresses the need to enhance domestic violence prevention strategies to reach immigrant and refugee women, including women without legal immigration status, trafficked women and women from racialized low-income communities. Price: Free

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Family Violence and Refugee and Immigration Law
This self-directed course provides participants with knowledge and tools helpful in aiding victims of family violence. It offers information on, basic immigration and refugee law concepts relevant in the context of family violence, immigration and refugee law obstacles that immigrant, refugee and non-status victims of family violence face when they try to leave an abusive family relationship and legal solutions for a victim to obtain immigration status in Canada. Price: Free

Prevention of Domestic Violence against Immigrant and Refugee Women through Early Intervention
This self-directed training is intended for settlement service providers and anyone who frequently provides services to immigrants, refugees and undocumented women. Price: Free