Find training guides for working with women who have experienced abuse. Resources include general training for service workers in women’s shelters, working with diverse groups of women, working with children, working with the legal system, and working in the non-profit sector.

General Training for Service Workers in Women’s Shelters

BC Society of Transition Houses Foundations in Violence Against Women Training
In this self-directed online course, violence against women is seen to reflect and reinforce women’s inequality made more difficult for many women by the additional forms of oppression they experience. This course provides an overview of definitions, frequency, severity, scope and effects of violence against Canadian women generally and domestic violence against Canadian women and their children specifically. A brief history of the transition housing and anti-violence advocates’ movement, gains made and lost through such issues as gender neutral language and discourses and services which reprivatize domestic violence against women. Finally, this course outlines the principles of an intersectional feminist framework as a grounding assumption for practices outlined in subsequent BCSTH courses/trainings. Approximately 5 hours (not required to complete in one 5 hour time frame) Fee: $40 for Full Members, $75 for Associate & Non Members

Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses Training Portal
OAITH has created a secure online portal that houses training and education material. Through the portal, users can access multi-media, interactive, self-paced training modules, films and videos, recorded webinars, and access live webinar sessions too. Users can keep track of the training they have attended, leave comments, discuss ideas with other users, and print certificates of completion where available.  Topics available for training include Risk Assessment, Technology & Women Abuse, VAW Practice,  and Harm Reduction. Produced in 2013. Price: Free

Making Connections: When Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance Use Problems Co-Occur Online Training Portal
The Making Connections curriculum has multiple elements: a manual, a series of six online modules, a workshop, and discussion forum. The online, interactive training portal includes training modules that address Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance Use, The Complexities of Co-occurring Problems, Collaborating Across Disciplines, Sectors, and Locations and Self Care and Compassion Fatigue. Price: Free

Office for Victims of Crime Training (U.S. Department of Justice) and Technical Assistance Center- Sexual Assault Counsellor/Advocate Training
Sexual Assault Advocate/Counselor Training (SAACT) teaches advocates about advocacy/counselling, the realities and impact of sexual assault, procedures to following common situation, techniques to support recovery, and compassion fatigue and self-care. The 2-day curriculum focuses on intervening with individuals in a crisis rather than long-term and group counseling. Price: Free

Office for Victims of Crime (U.S. Department of Justice) Training and Technical Assistance Center Victim Assistance Training
VAT Online is a basic victim advocacy web-based training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and knowledge they need to better assist victims of crime. Specific information is also provided to meet the needs of target populations. VAT Online includes seven modules. Price: Free

End Violence Against Women International Online Training Institute
EVAWI has developed the Online Training Institute (OLTI) to bring state-of-the art training to anyone who is interested, on the topic of criminal justice response to sexual assault. The OLTI provides the opportunity for interested professionals to expand their knowledge of cutting edge developments in the criminal justice and community response to sexual assault, with particular emphasis on those crimes committed by someone who is known to the victim (i.e., non-strangers). Participants in the OLTI can work through the various training modules to learn and review new information and then apply this newly acquired knowledge in realistic and interactive scenarios, as well as assessment methods such as quizzes, tests, and case studies. Price: Free

Western Education Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women and Children Online Training
This course is made of 12 lessons. Lessons 1-5 of the course focus on general issues related to assessment and management of risk for domestic violence including the use of domestic violence risk screening, triage, and assessment instruments. Lessons 6 and 7 focus on contextual issues related to newcomers, women with disabilities, children, and workplaces. Lessons 8-12 focus on sharing information and promoting collaboration, as well as a course wrap-up that discusses plans for implementation in respective systems and disciplines. The course will take about 6 hours to complete and is delivered in 10-45 minute lessons that you can complete at your own pace. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills using case vignettes. The course incorporates evaluations in the form of multiple-choice exams. Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of completion. Price: Free<

Child Trauma Academy-The Cost of Caring: Secondary Traumatic Stress and the Impact of Working with High-Risk Children and Families
The purpose of this course is to present an overview of the topic of secondary trauma. The goal is to gain a better understanding of how to better serve the children we work with by making sure we are at our best. The better we understand how working with traumatized children affects us both personally and professionally the better able we will be to serve them. In order to remain emotionally healthy ourselves it is critically important that we understand how the elements of a child’s trauma can be absorbed. All professionals working with traumatized children can learn approaches and strategies to protect themselves from being emotionally overwhelmed by this work. In the end, the ability to help traumatized children depends upon our ability to stay emotionally healthy and motivated in difficult and often very frustrating situations. Price: Free

Human Trafficking: Canada is Not Immune – Online Training by BC Ministry of Justice
This is a free online training program for Canadian front line service providers on how to recognize, protect and assist a person who may have been trafficked. The online training program provides materials to help service providers and others identify trafficked persons. The course provides information on how to support trafficked persons and appropriate referral services for help and protection. The online training program has four modules and takes approximately 5 – 7 hours to complete. The course can be completed at your own pace. Produced in 2012. Price: Free

Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes – Violence Against Women Training 
Each of the modules in the Violence Against Women Training was chosen to offer as much information as possible to those who work with women affected by sexual or domestic violence. The training is also intended for supervisors, managers and directors of agencies. It is a training tool that can be used by all as a means of awareness-raising and education. The principles on which this training bases itself are the use of a feminist approach, language accessibility, precise information on the theme of each module, and the delivery of the training in a practical and accessible format. This includes reflection exercises, self-evaluations, the use of a logbook resources offered based on the themes. Price: free [available in French only]

Training Resources for Working with Diverse Groups of Women

Springtide Resources- Improving Access to Violence Against Women Services for Women with Disabilities
This e-learning resource will provide participants with an increased ability to support and advocate for women with disabilities and women who are Deaf who have experienced physical or sexual violence, or criminal harassment, and who are seeking services from your agency. Topics covered include; understanding the accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Customer Service Standard, communicating and interacting with people with disabilities, serving persons who use service animals, support persons or assistive devices and accessibility at your agency.This course is targeted at anyone who provides direct service to women who may disclose a history of physical or sexual violence or criminal harassment, such as counselors/therapists, rape crisis centre workers, victim support workers, settlement workers, health care professionals, and related women’s services workers.
Price: Free- Other programs available at a cost

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Family Violence Against Immigrant & Refugee Women: Community Development Strategies 
This self-directed training is intended for immigrant service and other community-based organizations that are in a unique capacity to reach vulnerable and/or isolated immigrant women and their communities. It addresses the need to enhance domestic violence prevention strategies to reach immigrant and refugee women, including women without legal immigration status, trafficked women and women from racialized low-income communities. Price: Free

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Family Violence and Refugee and Immigration Law
This self-directed course provides participants with knowledge and tools helpful in aiding victims of family violence. It offers information on, basic immigration and refugee law concepts relevant in the context of family violence, immigration and refugee law obstacles that immigrant, refugee and non-status victims of family violence face when they try to leave an abusive family relationship and legal solutions for a victim to obtain immigration status in Canada. Price: Free

Prevention of Domestic Violence against Immigrant and Refugee Women through Early Intervention
This self-directed training is intended for settlement service providers and anyone who frequently provides services to immigrants, refugees and undocumented women. Price: Free

Training Resources For Working with Children

Child Trauma Academy Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma
By the time a child reaches the age of 18, the probability that he or she will have been touched directly by interpersonal or community violence is approximately one in four. Across the world, these numbers are even more astounding. First, trauma can have a devastating impact on the individual child, profoundly altering physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Second, the child’s experience directly impacts his or her family and community. We now know that a child’s potential to be creative, productive, healthy, and caring depends upon his or her experiences in childhood, and if these experiences are threatening, chaotic, and traumatic, the child’s potential is diminished. Ultimately, we all pay the price exacted by childhood trauma, whether we are dealing with individual children or large numbers of scarred adults assuming their places in society. Price: Free

Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse Online Courses
Online Child Abuse Response Certificate Training Program (CARCP) for teachers, childcare workers, foster parents, victim service workers, clinicians and other community professionals. The 2012-2013 season was offered October 2012 through March 2013. More opportunities to come. Price: $125/session or $625 for all 5 modules

Canadian Child Abuse Association- The Child Abuse Response Certificate Program
The Child Abuse Response Certificate Program (CARCP) is a 30 hour program consisting of five core modules. It was developed to meet the needs of community professionals who may encounter abused children in their roles at work. Many professionals have requested training so they can identify a child at risk and can best assist in an investigation without jeopardizing criminal or child welfare proceedings. This intermediate to advanced program will support you in the challenging task of working with abused children and their families. Price: $225/session or $1125 for all 5 modules

Training Resources for Working with the Legal System

After She Leaves: Supporting Women through the Family Court Process
Designed for frontline workers, this training provides strategies and information on family court issues encountered when working with woman abuse survivors. Training content was developed by Luke’s Place Support and Resource Centre in Oshawa, Ontario. Produced in 2012. Price:  It is available in an 8 module package for $250 or as individual modules on specific topics for $50 each.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Family Violence and Refugee and Immigration Law
This self-directed course provides participants with knowledge and tools helpful in aiding victims of family violence. It offers information on, basic immigration and refugee law concepts relevant in the context of family violence, immigration and refugee law obstacles that immigrant, refugee and non-status victims of family violence face when they try to leave an abusive family relationship and legal solutions for a victim to obtain immigration status in Canada. Price: Free

Training Resources For Working in the Not-For-Profit Sector

Foundation Center Online Training Focusing on Fundraising and Non-Profit Work 
These interactive online training courses are detail guided courses that reinforce lessons with interactivity, assignments, and self-tests. Some of the topics for online training include; Foundations and Their Role in Philanthropy, Introduction to Fundraising Planning, Getting Ready for Foundation Fundraising, How to Approach a Foundation and Introduction to Corporate Giving. Price: Free, other courses available at a cost