Leading Men – Who They Are

We are excited to have over 30 Leading Men join us so far! Click on the bold names to hear why those Leading Men think it’s important for men to work to end violence against women:

Giovanni Agozzino



John Barrack

Barry Campbell

Howie Crone

Simon Dean

Serge Delannoy

Mark Dowdell

John Drake

Dave Friesema

Rob Groulx

David Hardy

Christopher Holz

David Howcroft

Talib Hussain

Aaron Kotick

Ira Levy

Leo Liao

Alex Mazer

Doug Mizzi


Pete Roch

Stewart Schaefer

James Sheldon

Phil Soper

Kip Southam

Ray Stasiulis

Sieg Will

David Wiseman

Michael Worb

Matt Varey